Welcome to Baroushka

Evoking the energetic buzz of Middle East for an unforgettable experience every time in every way. The atmosphere is understated chic with the focus on glamour, good times and good friendships.


We take inspiration from pretty much all over the Arabian peninsula, but with a bias towards the ingredients and flavours of the Middle East, North Africa and across the Ottoman.


Our menu interprets classic Arabian dishes with a metropolitan flair, with finest ingredients, showcasing a combination of Lebanese, Moroccan and Turkish cuisine.


We offer a huge of variety of pastries, grilled and charcoaled meats, meltingly tender tagines to honeyed bites of baklawa.

Diners can also enjoy exotic juices, Israelis, Lebanese and Turkish beers, along with Moroccan orange blossom tea, or choose from our Middle Eastern wine selection, from Musar to Chateau Ksara Billionaire.

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01722 327 628

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