We are now taking bookings for Christmas! Our Christmas Menu is available here.

Our a la carte menu as a downloadable pdf file is available here.

We are also offering a midweek dining special, Monday to Thursday.

upon arrival, why not order a freshly dressed platter of assorted vegetable pickles to open up your palate - and we recommend that you start with some bites and dips to whet your appetite while we prepare your food!

bites & dips

selection of pickled vegetables with rocket / 4.9

toasted pitta and dukkah with olive oil
/ 4.9

seasoned moroccan olives and sumac
/ 4.9

arabian flat breads topped with zatar, labneh and seasonal lamb / 5.5

chargrilled sweet pepper and feta cheese dip with warm pitta
/ 5.5

sharing mezze

served with freshly baked pitta bread. 2 person to share / 16.9

hummus with shawarma chicken, falafel, batata harra (sautéed potatoes), lamb safiha (baked pastry), fasulye (seasoned fine beans) and lebanese sausage

hummus, mutabal (aubergine and tahini crush), tabbouleh, stuffed vine leaves, koshka (strained yoghurt), potato salad and muhamara (syrian wholewheat and pepper dip)

lonely mezze

(V) sumac and dill spiked glazed beets with whipped feta, walnuts, rose petals and pitta / 5.9

beirut style sauteed chicken liver, glazed with pomegranate molasses,
parsley and tahini, served with pitta / 6.9

(V) spiced grilled halumi, sunblushed tomato and green harissa
/ 6.1

oven baked trio of roulade with layered with seasonal lamb, feta and herbed vegetables, served with tabbouleh and harrisa
/ 6.9

(v) sesame and black seed crusted goat's cheese with walnuts, mint and watercress salad
/ 6.5

pistachio lamb kofta with yoghurt, chilli and dried mint sauce / 6.7

the famous middle eastern chicken wings with garlic and lemon sauce / 6.2

calamari of the red sea: shallow fried in mediterranean coating, served with sumac mayonnaise / 6.9

spicy turkish sausage with olive roasted bread, rocket and arabian onion marmalade / 6.7

KIBBE: lebanese cracked wheat parcels with minced lamb, parsley, pine nuts and shallots, served with yoghurt, chilli and dried mint sauce/ 6.1

(V) moussaka:
baked aubergine with roasted peppers and chickpeas, topped with melted cheese and served with pitta / 6.7

arrayas of minced lamb with youghurt sauce and pomegranate molases
/ 5.9

(V) hummus and pine nuts served with pitta / 5.9

green cauliflower shaworma:
grilled romanesco with tomato marinade, rose petals, tahini and molases / 6.1

falafel with tahini, wild rocket and red harrisa
/ 5.9

whipped hummus with toasted pine nuts, pomegranate and pulled lamb, served with pitta / 6.7

zucchini d'ja'j kofte, smoked cheese, harissa and tahini / 6.5


(V) fattoush: freshly chopped baby gem, vine tomatoes, cucumber, red and green peppers, sliced radish and mint leaves mixed with toasted lebanese bread in a citrusy olive dressing / 7.9

finely chopped parsley, diced tomatoes, shallots, bulgur, pomegranate and fresh mint, drizzled with olive oil and a squeeze of lemon / 7.9

hallumi salad:
little gem, radish, orange zest, mint leaves, halloumi slices, cucumber slices and tomato
/ 8.5

(V) moroccan carrot salad:
with cumin and preserved lemon / 6.5

our feasts

spiced baked whole sea bream with lemon, sweet peppers and basil, served with rice / 14.9

(V) fresh market vegetables and halloumi skewer with herb tomato salsa and watercress
/ 13.5

slow roasted lamb shank with maroccan spice coating, on a bed of caramelised onion sauce, with parsley and chopped tomato, served with rice
/ 13.9

oven roasted chicken supreme stuffed with herbs and feta, served with steamed vegetable quinoa and tomato drizzle
/ 14.2

turkish style chicken/lamb casserole, seasoned with smoked pimento, caramelized pepper and dried lemon, served with persian rice
/ 14.7

chargrilled jumbo gulf king prawns on a bed of saffron and almond sauce with vermicelli sauce
/ 17.9

(V) oven baked spinach and feta shabiha with tomato broth and cous cous / 12.9

(V) oven roasted aubergine and quorn melange with feta, tomato and herb sauce, with watercress salad
/ 13.7

iranian fish platter with sumac salad and vegetable quinoa
/ 16.5

(V) persian vegetable stew with fresh market selection of root vegetables in a mediterranean spice mix, served with rice / 12.9

yemenese chicken and spinach salona with rce and youghurt sauce
/ 13.7

jordanian sauteed lamb strips with caramelized onion and fresh herb sauce, served on a bed of cous cous
/ 14.1

famous arabian caramelised onion and lentil pilaf, topped with fresh tomato and mint salad
/ 12.9

miha - sheh malfouf:
lebanese lamb and rice filled cabbage parcels in a garlic and tomato broth, topped with roasted pine nuts, youghrt and cornmeal cake
/ 13.2


creamy garlic spinach, sumac fries, sauteed potatoes, rice, couscous, beirut spiced fine beans, sweet potato fries / 4.5 each

our meat

shish taouk: marinated chicken breast skewers with grilled tomato, shallots and biber, served with sauteed vegetables and honey mustard dressing / 14.1

rosemary seasoned lamb cutlets
with persian herbs, rice and grilled vegetables / 17.5

sausage platter:
selection of arabian sausages with spiced onion, mutabal and tabbouleh drizzled with harrisa / 14.5

lamb meshweeh: the famous arabian chargrilled lamb medalions, seasoned with zatar, roasted baby potatoes and tahini drizzle / 15.2

farrouj: oven baked baby chicken in a marinade of lemon and herb seasoning, served with arabian rice and sumac salad / 13.9

a trio of meat platter:
choice of chicken or lamb, pickled salad and rice
/ 14.7

grilled sirloin steak with parsley and onion infused potato mash topped with smoked tomato salad / 17.5

sharing baroushka grill for 2 people:
an array of meat skewers and assorted sauces, pairing salad, rice and freshly baked pitta
/ 30.9


berber cuisine from north africa pioneered this cooking method using a clay vessel, with has evolved into today's tajine - this ancient form of cooking remains popular for its intense flavours.

we take great pride in our tajines at baroushka, so please remember to leave us your feedback.

jordanian fish tajine with green lentils, corriander and olives, sprinkled with toasted chestnuts / 17.1

lamb kofte tajine with dried fruit, poached egg and herbs / 14.5

chicken and preserved lemon tajine with dried fruits, corriander and saffron / 14.9

all our tajines are served with a delicious marakesh style couscous


smooth and fruity mango sorbet / 5.5

mahalabia middle eastern style dairy pudding scented with rose water and cardamom, topped with pistachio
/ 4.9

seasonal mixed fruit platter
/ 4.5

honey and ginger ice cream
/ 4.1

baklava rich, sweet filo pastry layers, filled with chopped nuts and honey
/ 4.9

basbousa egyptian almond and coconut semolina cake served with vanilla ice cream
/ 4.5

kanafeh levantine cheese pastry soaked in sweet sugar-based syrup and served with vanila ice cream
/ 5.5

homemade saffron cheesecake orange zest and pistachio biscuit, topped with light cream cheese, a touch of saffron, sugar, cream and vanilla
/ 4.9

shaabiyat a delicious arabian soft cheese sweet pastry, topped with pistachio
/ 5.1

istanbul nights - organic black tea, straight or with raw cane sugar and a fresh mint leaf
/ 4.1

babylon delight - organic fruit mix – a distinguished mixture of pineapples, strawberries and other organic fruits
/ 4.1

orange safari - real pieces of vanilla, safflower bud petals and natural aroma, let it steep for 4 minutes, savour hot and straight or with raw cane sugar, or ice cooled with a drop of pear juice
/ 4.1

moroccan mint tea - wild moroccan tea with fresh mint leaves
/ 4.1

turkish tea - delicious blend of natural aromas
/ 4.1

we also have a range of coffee to suit all tastes and strengths